ABS Witness Testing now available in-house

Tork's Warehouse Manager hydro tests a stainless steel globe valve

Tork Systems is excited to announce that we can now perform hydrostatic pressure testing in our Alameda, CA facility. With our state-of-the-art test bench, we can now perform ABS witness testing and other technical assessments in house. We successfully tested our first batch of valves in the middle of 2020 and look forward to testing many more in this coming year.


Hydrostatic pressure testing, commonly called “hydrotesting” or just “hydroing”, is the main way to ensure that a valve is performing its designed function. There are two main types of hydrotests we do on valve.

A body test ensure that the body of the valve does not leak. This also tests any of the joints or connections to things like the bonnet and bonnet gasket or the stem and packing. To test the body of a valve, the valve is opened all the way, a blank flange is applied to the valve outlet and water pressure is applied to the valve’s inlet.

A seat test checks that the valve can seat properly to prevent water leaking past the connection between the wedge/ball/disc and the valve’s seating surface. To test the seat of a valve, the valve is closed all the way and water pressure is applied to the valve’s inlet. The amount of water that passes to the outlet, if any, is then measured against specification tolerances.

ABS witness testing

While we’ve provided ABS Type Approved parts for decades, our new test bench has brought us into the exciting realm of working with the American Bureau of Shipping’s Equipment Certification Reports. In this process, an ABS Inspector or Surveyor comes to our facility in Alameda and observes the valves being tested. All valves that successfully meet the test’s criteria are then stamped with ABS’s Maltese cross and recorded with ABS.

A stainless steel globe valve gets stamped with ABS’s Maltese cross

A PDF report is then provided by ABS, attesting to the valves’ successful hydrotest. Here’s an example header from an Equipment Certification Report:

Get in touch to schedule a hydrotest at our Alameda facility today. We can also provide testing at sister facilities in Jacksonville FL, Mobile AL, and Charleston SC.

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