Ask the Experts: What’s so special about 5086 Aluminum?

what is a 5086 aluminum flange?

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This is the first post of our “Ask the Experts” series, in which a member of the Tork Systems Team tackles a recent question from a customer. Today’s question came from a Coast Guard SK2: 

What is 5086 aluminum?

5086 Aluminum is a marine grade aluminum alloy that is commonly used in marine, oil drilling, and aircraft applications. This grade of aluminum is a popular choice in marine vessels because it’s more flexible than other grades which makes it less likely to crack when the movement of a ship causes it to bend. Other grades, such as 6061 aluminum, may be too rigid for certain marine applications. Marine engineers also choose 5086 aluminum because it uses magnesium as the primary alloying element. This results in a metal that is sturdy and very resistant to corrosion.

What should I know before using it?

Operating temperatures for 5086 aluminum should be set and maintained lower than 149℉/ 65℃. Prolonged exposure to temperatures exceeding 149℉/ 65℃ may result in warped or cracked flanges. 5086 aluminum is not heat treatable, so use electric arc welding to work it. Limit the amount of cold work done to 5086 aluminum.

My flanges are looking pretty worn. What now?

Overworking the metal will decrease the integrity of the metal, so replace your old flanges after they have been repaired several times. Tork Systems, Inc. has a large stock of 5086 aluminum flanges, so when it’s time to retire your old flanges, connect with us for a quote.

– The Marine Valve Experts™

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