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Marine Pipe Chart

Pipe chart and common wall thicknesses for several materials, including 90/10 and 70/30 copper nickel, steel and stainless steel, and exotic materials that pop up in the marine industry.

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The 4 most common mistakes when estimating valve packages for ship repair

The ship repair industry is a whirlwind. You need your valves, pipes, and fittings fast and you need your numbers for estimates even faster. But misinterpreting small details on an estimating spec can turn into costly mistakes when it comes time to purchase. Here are the four most common traps I see estimators fall into […]

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ABS Witness Testing now available in-house

Tork Systems is excited to announce that we can now perform hydrostatic pressure testing in our Alameda, CA facility. With our state-of-the-art test bench, we can now perform ABS witness testing and other technical assessments in house. We successfully tested our first batch of valves in the middle of 2020 and look forward to testing […]

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Corn Based Piping Systems US Navy

Corn Based Piping Polymers (CBPP)

We’re just joking! You made it to the end of the email so we figured we’d get a rise out of you. We’re sure that revolutionary new technologies will eventually disrupt the materials commonly used in the shipbuilding industry but we’d be surprised if it happens inside of this year. For now corn-based pipe looks more like a pipe […]

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Ask The Experts: What is a valve actuator?

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What is a valve actuator? An actuator is a device that assists or semi-automatically opens a valve. An actuator that is hand-operated assists a user in opening and closing a valve is meant to make it easier to turn a handle or lever in order to open a valve. A semi-automatic actuator opens a valve when a button […]

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