FRAUD ALERT – TOBO Group steals $6,000 from US Small Business


TOBO Group Fraud Alert

Buyer Beware – TOBO-Group of China defrauds US Company

Do not do business with Chinese manufacturer / distribution company TOBO Group, whether directly or through Alibaba. They will steal your money!

This memo serves as notice that TOBO Group (tobo-group.com) has stolen at least $6,238.63 from American businesses through misleading business dealings in 2022 alone.

The following individuals are complicit in the theft:

  • Miss Laura Wang (Sales)
    [email protected]
    +86 182 2158 3025
  • Miss Ellen Wang (Sales)
    [email protected]
    +86 135 2466 8060
  • Miss Gao (Supervisor)
  • Mr. Jianzhong Wang (Manager & Owner)
  • Miss Manjing Zhang (General Manager & Owner)
Other aliases include:
Metal Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Our company and TOBO agreed to business terms in good faith. We set a fair price and quantity with 100% prepayment. We wired the money to TOBO and received confirmation that they received the funds.

Then Laura told me they wouldn’t be able to supply the specific material we needed and offered a lower-quality grade of material. We politely declined and asked that TOBO refund the money. Instead, Laura offered us less than half the quantity of parts we originally agreed to. We again declined and requested a refund.

Over two months, Laura and her colleagues misled my team with delays and excuses, blaming their bank and even the Chinese government. Tork Systems will next be pursuing legal action against TOBO Group to recover our money. If you or anyone else has had issues with TOBO Group, please get in touch. We’re sure we’re not the first to get defrauded by them, but hopefully we can be the last.

FRAUD ALERT – TOBO Group steals $6,000 from US Company

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