CPV Manufacturing

CPV Manufacturing

CPV Manufacturing (Admiral Valve)

Headquarters: Kennett Square, PA USA

Website: cpvmfg.com

Founded: 1915

Cage Code: 99565


  • Globe Valves
  • Needle Valves
  • Angle Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Offset Valves
  • O-Seal Valves
  • Mark VIII Valves
  • Gage Valves
  • O-Seal Fittings
  • Mark VIII Fittings
  • Union Face Seal Fittings

Tork is Your Source for CPV Expertise

About CPV Manufacturing

CPV Manufacturing Valves and FittingsToday, CPV is known around the world for the O-SEAL System of high pressure valves and fittings, the Mark VIII system or tube size valves and fittings, FloMaster air operated shutoff valves, and the new G-Series stainless steel shutoff, needle & check valves. CPV’s state-of-the-art design, quality control, and attention to service are your assurance of valves and fittings that fit perfectly, function effectively, and provide years of trouble-free service.

Tork Systems is proud to be a top tier stocking distributor for CPV Manufacturing, Inc. in Northern California. Previously known as Admiral Valve, CPV manufactures high pressure valves and fittings that deliver years of reliable service from vacuum to 6000 psi in demanding liquid and gas flow control applications. CPV valves &  fittings are used worldwide in Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Food & Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing Plants and aboard the US Navy’s ships.

Tork Systems distributes all valves and fittings in CPV Manufacturing’s extensive product line, including those below.

CPV Manufacturing Documents & References

CPV Manufacturing O-Seal Fittings

Download the CPV Manufacturing O-Seal Catalog

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CPV Manufacturing NSNs

# NSN Part Number Description Quote
1 4820-00-010-5602 C-4261 CARTRIDGE,SHUT-OFF Request a Quote
2 4820-00-010-5602 365-1 CARTRIDGE,SHUT-OFF Request a Quote
3 4730-00-012-7961 52R-3X50N-3X51T-3 UNION,PIPE Request a Quote
4 4730-00-012-7961 52R-3X50N-3X52T-3 UNION,PIPE Request a Quote
5 4820-00-027-3433 075455A0 DISK-GUIDE,VALVE Request a Quote
6 4820-00-027-3433 188P1015-180P1035 DISK-GUIDE,VALVE Request a Quote
7 4820-00-042-0457 370-2M0DPL993-3-8IN VALVE,GLOBE Request a Quote
8 4820-00-042-0457 370-2M0DPL993-3-8INL1 VALVE,GLOBE Request a Quote
9 4820-00-051-5917 C-4523PL3020 VALVE,GLOBE Request a Quote
10 4820-00-051-5917 C4523PL970 VALVE,GLOBE Request a Quote
11 4820-00-051-5917 470-3 VALVE,GLOBE Request a Quote
12 4820-00-051-5917 470-3-1-2 IN VALVE,GLOBE Request a Quote
13 5331-00-054-3690 PL-97 ITEM 9 O-RING Request a Quote
14 4820-00-054-3735 C4549PL994 VALVE,GLOBE Request a Quote
15 4820-00-054-3735 370-5M0D1IN VALVE,GLOBE Request a Quote
16 4820-00-054-3735 370-5M0D1INL1 VALVE,GLOBE Request a Quote
17 4820-00-054-3782 2620-911ASSY8A1IN VALVE,LIFT-CHECK Request a Quote
18 4820-00-054-3790 2620-911ASSY8D VALVE,LIFT-CHECK Request a Quote
19 5330-00-060-4656 C-8176ITEM17 PACKING,PREFORMED Request a Quote
20 5330-00-060-4656 000212EB PACKING,PREFORMED Request a Quote
21 4820-00-061-0732 B2177PC2 HANDLE,VALVE Request a Quote
22 4820-00-061-6637 2620-911 ASSY 8B VALVE,LIFT-CHECK Request a Quote
23 5310-00-063-4043 50N1 NUT Request a Quote
24 5310-00-063-4043 50N1SS NUT Request a Quote
25 4820-00-064-7578 175-1-0X VALVE,REGULATING,FL Request a Quote