Viega Press Fittings

Tork Systems is a proud Tier 1 Distributor of Viega press fittings.

Viega fittingsThe Viega line of ProPress and MegaPress piping connectors is one of the most innovative solutions to hit the marine industry in recent memory. With class-leading quality standards and record setting easy of use, the piping system is quickly becoming an industry favorite on the docks. With a diverse and effective pipe fitting offering, these bad boys come in a wide array of materials including copper, copper nickel, stainless, and carbon steel.

Marine-specific offerings include the Viega ProPress for Marine Systems, which is specially designed in copper nickel, stainless steel and stainless for use onboard ships. For more info, you can check out Viega’s ProPress and MegaPress material here. If you’re in the Bay Area, request a free live demo by Contacting Us! We look forward to working with you to convert any conventional systems you may have over to the future of pipe fitting.