Keystone Butterfly Valves

Keystone Valve Bronze Wafer Butterfly Valve

Keystone Valve Bronze Wafer Butterfly Valve


Keystone Valve Lug Butterfly Valve

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Keystone Butterfly Valves

Keystone is a recognized world leader in butterfly valves for marine processes. Originally designing, patenting and introducing the Butterfly Valve in 1951, Keystone (now a Pentair company product line) developed a strong reputation for reliability, quality and service.

Keystone  gear, pneumatic and electric actuators and controls allow for seamless configuration of the actuation that meets your automation requirements.
We can provide any valve or actuator in the extensive Keystone product line, including:

  • Keystone Figure 139 (Mil-V-22133): Resilient seated butterfly valves are compliant with ABS (USCG) category A (formerly Mil-V-22133)
  • Keystone Figure 360 (Mil-V-24624): K-LOK high performance butterfly valves are approved for use by Naval Sea Systems Command and with the US Navy’s Mil-V-24624 specification.
  • Keystone Figure 640/660 Ventilation ValvesDesigned primarily for ventilation service where fabricated duct work is used, Figure 640/660 valves are in compliance with all requirements per BUSHIPS drawing No. 805-1749102 and 805-1749103, respectively.

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