Ask The Experts: Bolt Patterns

Why do my parts have mismatched bolt holes? We’ve had a lot of questions lately about bolt patterns and why bolt holes don’t always match up, so here’s a brief overview of bolt layout. Bolts holes are set up so that a bolt can pass through 2 parts and secure them together. The goal is for […]

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Pima Valve NB402E - Bronze Flanged Gate Valve OS&Y Monel Trim MIL-V-1189

Ask The Experts: Valves 101

What are marine valves? For most of our customers, this may seem like a silly question. We get it salty dogs, this article isn’t for you. However, with a wave of millennials entering the workforce, someone needs to cover the basics. Today, I’m going to break down valves Barney-style so that when you start reading […]

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Ask The Experts: What Is A Check Valve?

What is a Check valve? Most valves are operated by a human, air pressure, or even electricity. When these elements are unavailable or fail to perform, a check valve keeps on working. A check valve is intended to automatically shut off when pressure reduces or changes direction so that fluids or gasses are only able to […]

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Pima Valve Bronze flanged globe valve monel trim B122E copy

Ask The Experts: What is a globe valve?

What is a globe valve? A globe valve is intended to start and stop flow like most valves and is also good for throttling fluids and changing pressure. Another benefit of a globe valve is its ability to prevent backflow. It can be visually recognized by its round body. Globe valves do not pass fluids straight through […]

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