FREE Shipboard Valve Inspection

Over 45% of the valves on a recent ShipCheck that Tork did for a Prime Contractor were incorrectly identified or lacked enough information to properly bid. Incorrect specs cost time, manpower, and money. Estimators cannot predict the costs accurately. Project managers have to spend large amounts of money flying in parts at the last minute. Purchasing agents have to scramble to meet unrealistic deadlines.

We eliminate these problems with The Tork Systems’ ShipCheck . Have a Marine Valve Expert™ from Tork Systems check out the valves on your next project and all of the valves you buy from us as a result will be guaranteed to be the correct valve for the job.

Have a certified Marine Valve Expert come help your staff identify the parts you’re looking to replace to ensure you get the right material for the application.

Don’t go in blind based on the customer’s spec. Let Tork’s trained staff give you a precise view of what your team is actually going to see when you win the job. Predict the required change orders before the ship even gets to your facility.

How It Works

  1. Coordinate a date for Tork to climb aboard and send us a copy of the spec.
  2. On the scheduled date, have a member of your staff (or the customer’s staff) walk the Tork team member through the job.
  3. Each valve will get tagged and documented, with a detailed takeoff organized by the specification’s numbering system.
  4. Tork will provide a guaranteed quote or refer you to the best procurement option on all identified products and we’ll help you win the job.

Make your job easier. Schedule a ShipCheck today.

(We can provide Saturday or Sunday ShipChecks as well; simply email [email protected] with the details.)